Take A Photo That Will Get Her Excited: How To Take A Good Dick Pic?

How To Take A Good Dick Pic,Dick pic

If you’re sexting with your partner, you’ve probably posted your nude photo before. But since it is a difficult area to shoot, it is possible that you did not get a good result in the photos. If you want to take a better dick pic, you need to know some things for it.

That’s why Victoria Milan prepared for you “How To Take A Good Dick Pic?” content. In this way, if you are in a long distance relationship or want to send a dick pic to your partner during sexting, you will be able to do it in the best possible way. If you are ready, our journey begins, let’s fasten our belts, please, because we will start a fast journey. Here is “How To Take A Good Dick Pic?” our content is with you.

How To Take A Good Dick Pic,Dick pic

How To Take A Good Dick Pic?

1- Make Sure Your Partner Wants This

Yes, first of all, before you take a good dick pick, it’s good to know that you need to make sure your partner wants this photo. Because some women don’t like it and it can get worse for you. Therefore, know your partner well and measure her expectations well.

Also make sure you set the timing correctly when you decide to send a dick pic. Because she’s not going to like seeing a picture of your penis while she’s working, at the grocery store, or anywhere.

Therefore, if you are going to take a dick pic, take it at the right and appropriate time. E.g; she’ll probably want to see a photo of your dick while you’re sexting, so you can post this whenever you’re sexting.

2- Angle Matters

It’s important to find the right angle when photographing your dick. So try to find the right angle while taking dick pic. There is no angle we can recommend for your dick. You have to discover this for yourself.

You can shoot from the top, the side, or even the bottom to find a right angle. If you have a thick dick, a photo taken from the side will be more effective, or if your dick is long, from the top, or if you have a thick head, you can take a photo from a diagonal angle to emphasize it.

You can even take pictures while lying on the bed with your dick on your abdomen. For this you just need to find the right angle. Take multiple photos to find out and find the best angle. In this way, you can find the most accurate one among them and take a better dick pic with that angle. For these reasons, pay attention to the angle when taking a dick pic.

How To Take A Good Dick Pic,Dick pic

3- Choose a Bright Place

Another common mistake is to take a dick pic in a dim place. Because of the lighting in your room and your shooting angle, your dick pics are likely to come out grainy and dark. To take a better photo, you can change the lighting in your room or find an angle where the light illuminates your dick.

Since the dick is located in the lower part of the body, it is not as bright as our face, so adjust the light correctly. Also, definitely don’t use your phone’s flash while taking a dick pic, it will be like you took a biometric photo.

Therefore, only choose a well-lit area of the room. This will help you take a better dick pic. If things didn’t work out and you couldn’t find the right light, you can get help from the effects. In this way, you can have a brighter and smoother dick pic photo.

4- Choose the Right Background

It is important that you set the right background when taking a dick pic. You don’t want her to feel nauseous and lose all her fun while trying to get her excited, do you? The biggest mistake often made is to take a dick pic while sitting on the toilet.

That’s not the right background, it could make him nauseous and spoil all your sexting fun. Even his desire for you may decrease. So, first of all, stay away from this mistake.

Also, do not forget that women like aesthetic things. So if you want to excite her, first choose a good background. For example, you can take a photo while lying on your bed, or you can take a photo in front of your mirror.

Also, make sure that your room is not cluttered at the same time. This kind of photo will make her more excited and more enthusiastic. That’s why it’s important to choose the right background for the dick pic.

5- Be Aesthetic

Another thing you need to do for a good dick pic is to be aesthetic. Of course we don’t say this about your body and we are also against trying to mold men 🙂 But if you’re wearing something while taking a dick pic, make sure it looks good. This will make you both care for her and make you look nicer to her.

Also when taking a dick pic, make sure it looks clean as well. While some women like hair but most women generally don’t like a hairy penis. You can learn this by measuring your partner or you can ask her directly. This will be a more effective way to get her excited. Therefore, be careful to be aesthetic when taking a dick pic.

6- Be Comfortable

Another mistake is to not be comfortable while taking a photo and try to take a photo that will satisfy the other side. Staying tough while taking pictures can be hard, if you’re not very horny. That’s why you don’t have to post a photo that will show your whole dick while taking a photo.

If you didn’t find the right angle and the dick pic is not what you want, don’t worry. The main goal is to make her horny, so you can try different methods for this. For example, you can take a picture with the head of your penis sticking out of your boxer, or you can show her lineament on your boxer and make her horny.

Sending a dick pic like this will trigger his imagination as well. And that might make her want it even more. Remember, you are usually desire more when they’re dressed, not when they’re undressed. This rule applies to women. You can send her a few dick pics to imagine and make her even more horny.

7- Don’t Try To Prove The Size Of Your Penis

Remember, the main goal is to make him horny, not prove the size of your penis. For this reason, do not take a picture of your penis with a tape measure or don’t take a dick pic with an object that you can compare its size with. Most men think that it will affect women, but it confuses them the opposite.

For example, a dick pic taken side by side with the television remote might make her wonder why he did such a thing and distract her from the subject. Remember, the main goal is to make her horny, something like this can cause the subject to disperse.

Also, although the size of the penis is a small advantage, the main goal is to satisfy your partner in bed. And women are more interested in having an orgasm. Therefore, do not bother to take a photo with an object that will prove the size of your penis.

8- Take a Snapshot of Her

Another issue that excites women is snapshots. Women like photos taken for themselves and snapshots create more excitement for them. Therefore, taking snapshots can be more effective.

Also, this applies to men. Remember that the photos that excite you the most are the snapshots. That’s why a fresh photo taken for her will make hornier. You can even make it more exciting by being creative about it.

For example, when you take a dick pic, you can say, “I desire you so much right now and I want to fuck you.” Such a note may excited her even more. Therefore, when taking dick pics, prefer snapshots more.

9- Don’t Forget To Make Arrangements

Yes, we have come to the final secret of taking a good dick pic. Editing! By editing we do not mean, of course, photoshop. The goal is to give a more accurate photo. Sometimes you may encounter a different color tone than when you took the dick pic, or it may turn out to be different from what it actually looks like.

Therefore, making minor adjustments makes it easier to get a more accurate dick pic photo. Therefore, making small changes would be the right step. E.g; You can rearrange the contrast setting or use a brighter effect if it’s a dark photo. In this way, you will get a more accurate dick pic.

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How To Take A Good Dick Pic,Dick pic

FAQ About How To Take A Good Dick Pic

What Should I Do to Take a Good Dick Pic?

There are many things you need to do to take a good dick pic; like taking a photo at the right angle, good lighting and aesthetics. For more detailed information on these topics, you can review Victoria Milan’s “How To Take A Good Dick Pic” content.

Does It Matter How A Dick Pic Is Taken For Women?

Certainly! We can even say that this is more important for women. Because for women, things that are aesthetic are more beautiful. And taking a aesthetic dick pic will make him even more excited. If you want to take an accurate dick pic, you can get more detailed information by reviewing Victoria Milan’s “How To Take A Good Dick Pic” content.