Pleasure Planets of the Sex Universe: 20 Rough Sex Ideas

Rough Sex Ideas,Good Sex

Sex is one of the most liberating and most pleasurable activities for everyone. So, do you want to get more pleasure while having sex? You can have a better sex experience with different sex styles and have a unique time with your partner. For this, you can try various fantasies and add new excitement to your sex world.

Victoria Milan created the “Rough Sex Ideas For 2021” content for you today. In this way, you can create a new excitement in your sex world and have a unique sex experience with your partner. If you’re ready, here we go! Here is our “Rough Sex Ideas For 2021” content.

Rough Sex Ideas,Good Sex

14 Perfect Rough Sex Ideas For 2021

1 – Cold Is Nice!

Have you tried ice fantasy with your partner before? It is perhaps one of the softest but most influential of the Rough Sex ideas. We definitely recommend you to try this fantasy idea that will be more effective on a hot summer day.

You can use the ice fantasy both while making love and during sex. You can use a small piece of ice to cool your lips first. Then you can see how much pleasure your partner with whom you started kissing feels.

Or you can take a small piece of ice between your lips and run it on various parts of your partner’s body. This will activate her nerve cells and add some fun to sex. For example, you can put ice on your female partner’s nipples and suck the cold nipples with pleasure. This fantasy is entirely up to you! But ice fantasy is definitely a unique idea for a good sex experience.

2 – Slap

Yes, maybe it is something that most people know but forget with the excitement of sex, slapping. It is one of the most influential fantasies of Rough Sex Ideas. A few small slaps on your partner’s ass during sex will make her even more eager. Therefore, when having sex with your partner, slap their hips without exaggeration.

3 – Squeeze a Little

During sex, you can pinch any part of your partner. But the harder you squeeze, the more it will hurt. So be careful not to hurt your partner. Squeezing and holding it hard will make your partner enjoy it more. For example, you can experience hot sex by squeezing her breasts, hips or waist. It will also give your partner more pleasure. For these reasons squeezing is a good Rough Sex Idea.

Rough Sex Ideas,Good Sex

4 – Talk Dirty

While talking dirty doesn’t sound like a good option for most people, talking dirty actually makes the game more fun. Dirty talk is not just words like swearing. You can talk to your partner about what you want to do when you’re having a dirty talk. E.g; You can say things like “I’m going to put it hardly in your pussy” or “I want to lick your pussy”. Your partner will like it too. Because such conversations are not usually made very often. And it will be a new experience for her and it will excite her. So talking dirty is a good Rough Sex Ideas.

5 – Bite Your Partner

By biting, of course, we do not mean to hurt your partner. Small bites will add more pleasure to sex. For this, you can try sensitive areas, this will make it easier for your partner to orgasm. E.g; You can bite your partner’s breasts, ass, neck, legs, and even elbows. These erogenous zones will increase the pleasure of sex even more. For these reasons, biting is a good Rough Sex Ideas.

6 – Role Play

Another nice Rough Sex idea for a unique sex experience! Role-playing will make your sex life more enjoyable. E.g; As a teacher you can punish your naughty sex partner with your dick, or as a doctor you can check her pussy. This will add new excitements to your sex world, so you can have a more enjoyable and exciting sex experience. In this way, maybe you can have your best sex experience.

7 – Sitting On Your Face

This Rough Sex Idea is mostly for women. During sex, you can sit on your partner’s face to lick your pussy. In this way, you will have more orgasm and you can try to enjoy your partner. You can even try 69 sex positions for mutual pleasure. This way, you can both have a great sex experience. For these reasons, face sitting is a unique option for a good sex experience.

8 – Clamp

Meet the clamps that are as exciting as the idea of ​​pinching! This is one of the most popular names in our Rough Sex Ideas! With the clamp, you can do whatever you want with your partner. In this way, you can experience a unique sex. E.g; You can put your partner in bed while you are sleeping, and you can both have a new experience. This is mostly up to the preferences of the partners. But it is useful to point out that; In this case, both parties must have accepted this fantasy. Otherwise, instead of excitement, it can be annoying.

9 – Use the Mirror

Have you tried mirror fantasy before? You can have a unique sex experience with the mirror. Watch yourself in the mirror when you have sex in front of the mirror and discover how exciting it is to have rough sex. While most women don’t want it when they think about this fantasy, watching her during sex will also give her pleasure. Having sex in front of the mirror is a good Rough Sex idea for anyone. Therefore, you should try to have sex in front of the mirror.

10 – Tear Each Other’s Clothes

Before sex, you can tear each other’s clothes off to initiate animal sex. This will be a unique start to a hotter sex. Then have a unique start to sex with an animal lovemaking. This will be an exciting experience for both partners. That’s why the idea of ripping clothes is a good sex idea.

11 – Watch Porn Together

A porno you watch together can be a good Rough Sex Ideas. While watching your favorite porn, you can touch each other and have some animal sex. The moaning sounds coming from behind will make you enjoy more during sex. That’s why it’s a good idea to watch porn together before sex. You can even try the same positions in porn and experience exciting moments while doing it.

12 – Include Toys in Sex

Toys are an effective choice for great sex. Using a vibrating toy during sex will make your partner enjoy it more while you fuck. The vibrating toy will further increase the stimulation of the clitoris. Therefore, a vibrating toy during sex will make it easier for your partner to orgasm. You can choose vibrators for good sex.

13 – New Underwear

If you want to have a horny sex experience, fancy underwear is a good Rough Sex Ideas. Fancy underwear will make your partner look more sexy. This will make you more horny and allow you to have more animalistic sex. Also, your partner will be satisfied in this animal sex. So for good sex, you can try fancy underwear.

14 – Flavored Condom

Flavored condoms are one of the unique options for good sex. With flavored condoms, you can make your partner more willing and you can perform a good sucking with the good taste and smells that will leave after you fuck her. This would be a good start for more animalistic sex. For these reasons, flavored condoms are good Rough Sex Ideas.That’s all for now from the “Rough Sex Ideas For 2021” content that Victoria Milan is looking for for you! If you are looking for more content like this, you can follow Victoria Milan’s blog. Also, if you are looking for a sex partner, Victoria Milan is the best choice for you. Victoria Milan is a unique platform serving millions of users all over the world. You can also see online users on the homepage and communicate quickly. In addition, registration at Victoria Milan is free! Come on, find a partner to try new fantasies with Victoria Milan! Click here to register with Victoria Milan.

Rough Sex Ideas,Good Sex

FAQ About Rough Sex Ideas

What Are Rough Sex Ideas?

  • Use Ice
  • Slap it
  • Squeeze a Little
  • Talk Dirty
  • Bite Your Partner
  • Role Play
  • Sit On Your Face
  • Handcuff
  • Use the Mirror
  • Tear Each Other’s Clothes
  • Watch Porn Together
  • Include Toys in Sex
  • New Underwear
  • Flavored Condoms

What Are Rough Sex Ideas?

Rough Sex Ideas allow you to discover new fantasies with your partner. In this way, you can have a more effective sex experience. You can also discover new fantasies and have a good sex experience this way. If you want to know more about Rough Sex Ideas, you can read our content.

Is Rough Sex a Good Choice?

When you think of rough sex, most people think of harmful sex experiences. But this is the most extreme part. It allows you to have a unique sex with your rough sex partner in proportional dosage. You also add a new fantasy to your sex world. If you want to try new fantasies, you can check out our “Rough Sex Ideas” content.

Which App Can I Use To Find A Rough Sex Partner?

Victoria Milan is one of the best platforms to find a sex partner. With millions of users and unique features, you can easily find the partner you are looking for. If you are looking for a sex partner, you can choose Victoria Milan.