Be Dominant On The Bed: Dominant Sex Guide

Dominant sex,How to be dominant

You can have a hotter experience by playing a submissive and dominant role to fulfill your fantasies and increase your sex pleasure. There are some things you need to do to be dominant in bed. Therefore, you should know how to be dominant.

Victoria Milan has prepared the content of “Dominant Sex Guide” today so that you can make your fantasies come true and have a hotter sex experience. In this way, you can be more dominant in bed and have a unique time with your partner. If you’re ready, here we go! Here is our Dominant Sex Guide with you!

Dominant sex,How to be dominant

What Is Dominant Sex?

Before being dominant in bed, you need to know what the dominant sex is. Therefore, let’s learn the dominant sex first. In dominant sex, the person holds the power and dominates an submissive partner. Both partners enjoy performing their roles (dominant or submissive) during the sexual experience. The dominant person is called “Dom” and the submissive person is called “Sub”.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Dominant Partner?

When you dominate your partner, you are fully responsible for it. Therefore, you should know your responsibilities and fulfill them. These responsibilities are:

Know Your Partner And Know Its Limits

For a safe and healthy Dominant Sex, you and your partner must agree on this. As a dominant, you should know your partner and know these limits. You should also respect your partner.

However, if your partner feels he or she is approaching a limit or is feeling uncomfortable, he or she needs a way to let you know. That’s why a safe word for Dominant Sex should be established and your partner should report it when approaching the limit. This way you can avoid overdose. The safe word should be something that can be said when a limit is crossed to indicate that it is time for a break.

Know Your Toys

You can use a variety of toys, such as vibrators, eye patches, spanking whips, etc., in a dominant sex experience. It is important to get to know your dominant sex toy intimately. You should know what sensations it provides and make sure that you do not harm your partner. It’s better to start slow the first time you try your sex toys. In this way, you can act according to your partner’s reaction. And if there is no problem, you can speed up this action even more.

Be Cautious

Dominant sex sessions are more intense than other sexual sessions and some mishaps may occur. For this reason, you should take precautions such as safety materials and keep them close to you during the session.

Bandages, band-aids, soothing wipes, scissors that can cut the ligaments, or emergency medicine, etc. Have safety supplies with you. Also, don’t forget to have tools such as keys to locks with you. In an emergency, these safety items are important for first responders. That’s why it’s important to have safety supplies with you.

Check Your Partner

Once you’ve set boundaries and safe words with your partner, you’re still responsible for setting dosages. You should follow your partner’s comfort and pleasure level throughout the session. Dominant sex is about mutual pleasure. Periodically during a dominant sex session, ask your partner how he or she is feeling. And if your partner is not comfortable, find an alternative route or reduce the dosage.

Dominant Post-Sex Health Check

As we said before, dominant sex is more intense than other types of sex. For this reason, be sure of your partner’s and your health after dominant sex. And if an emergency response is needed, use your first aid equipment or see a doctor.

Dominant sex,How to be dominant

How To Be Dominant?

After taking a lot of responsibility for being dominant, you can explore the experience of dominant sex with your partner. Here are some practices you can use to take charge in the bedroom:

1- Get Permission from Your Partner

The two elements that emerge during the dominant sex experience are permission and punishment. During a dominant sex session, the submissive partner must ask permission to perform acts such as oral sex or orgasm, and they are punished if they break the rules of the dominant partner.

When starting dominant sex, set a few rules. For example, sex positions or what you allow your submissive partner to wear. And agree on the penalties. For example, as punishment, you can choose things like spanking or bondage.

2- Spanking Game

A game of spanking and mutual pleasure can increase blood flow in the groin areas and increase sexual pleasure. You can use your hands, a whip or a hand shovel to spank. In this way, you can experience more sexual orgasm by increasing blood flow. This will positively affect your dominant sex experience.

3- Make Dirty Talk

Another part of dominant sex is dirty talk. Being dominant, you are in control and can decide what your submissive partner has to say. For example, sir, ma’am, daddy or mommy. You can also vulgarly explain to your submissive partner what you are about to do. This will add even more excitement to your dominant sex session.

4- Role Play

By role-playing and creating scenarios, you can experience a more exciting dominant sex. Role-playing will make you more aroused and will make for a more exciting experience. You can determine this by being dominant, or you can determine it with your submissive partner. As examples of roles and scenarios, you can choose roles such as teacher and student, doctor or patient.

5- Fancy Clothes

You may prefer some stage outfits during dominant sex. For example, dominant people may prefer leather clothes, suits, boots or heels. Submissive people may prefer costumes such as collars, leashes and maid outfits. These kinds of costumes can improve your dominant sex experience and have a more exciting experience.

6- Captivity Game

Bondage is the means by which the dominant person restrains the sexual experience. Usually the restraints are tools such as handcuffs, rope, leather straps and bondage tape. These restrictions allow the dominant partner to be in control, thus allowing you to have a more exciting sex experience.

Dominant sex,How to be dominant


We advise you to be careful when experiencing dominant sex with your partner. Conditions such as injury during dominant sex are very common. So make sure you know your partner’s limits during dominant sex. And you should also make sure that your partner approves of this sex experience. A reluctant dominant sex increases the possibility of both injuries and legal problems. Therefore, discuss this issue with your partner and come to a conclusion. Finally, keep your safety equipment with you just in case. It is important to give first aid in case of any injury.

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Dominant sex,How to be dominant

FAQ About Dominant Sex

What Does Sexually Dominant Mean?

The dominant partner is called “Dom”. During the dominant sex experience, Dom is the one who sets the rules and punishments. BDSM is a term used in a sexual intercourse session. For more information about dominant sex, you can visit our “Dominant Sex Guide” content.

What is Dominant Sex?

Dominant sex is a type of sex in which partners have an intense sexual experience. The dominant person is called “Dom” and the submissive person is called “Sub”. For more information about dominant sex, you can visit our “Dominant Sex Guide” content.

Is Dominant Sex Safe?

Dominant sex is perfectly safe when the right precautions are taken and boundaries are set. For this, you should know your partner’s limits and make sure you set rules. You can visit our “Dominant Sex Guide” content to learn more about a safe Dominant sex.

How To Be Dominant In The Bedroom?

You have to know a lot of things to be dominant in your bedroom. First of all, you should know your partner’s limits, have safety equipment with you, and set safe words. For more information about dominant sex, you can visit our “Dominant Sex Guide” content.

What Does Dom Mean?

“Dom” is the dominant person in the BDSM type of sexual intercourse. The dominant person sets the rules, boundaries, punishments and more. “Dom” is also responsible for the safety of the submissive partner. For more information about dominant sex, you can visit our “Dominant Sex Guide” content.